Discovered Currently Not Indexed How to Fix in Blogger or WordPress || Google Indexing Problem 2023

Discovered – Currently Not Indexed How to Fix in Blogger & WordPress

Discovered – Currently Not Indexed is a recognized concern. This is a Google console error that indicates that your content has been spotted by Google but has not yet been indexed. Google crawls your content in three stages: 



Bloggers experience this issue for a variety of reasons, so let’s look at some of their potential remedies.

Discovered – Currently Not Indexed (Solution)

To resolve this issue, go to Google Console and update your sitemap. If you already provided a sitemap, you will need to edit it again. This is done so that Google can subsequently discover the content you’ve published. If you update your website’s sitemap, you will never encounter this issue again. As an example of a website sitemap, consider the following:
Please keep in mind that this is only an example of a website sitemap. If you are experiencing such a problem, you must give a link to your website. This will index all of your new and old content in Google.

How to Increase Crawl Speed?

If you’re having crawling issues, you should speed it up. You can address this problem by clicking on the link provided below. To remedy this issue, use the “Limit Google’s maximum crawl rate” option. You must also raise the crawler pace using a slider before clicking the save button.

Note: You must ensure that the email from which you are clicking on this link is correct your website is also hosted on the same email.

publish Unique material: The better and more valuable the material you publish, the sooner it will be indexed by Google. You must make adjustments to your written articles to do this [e.g., add new paragraphs, verify grammar, etc.]. And, anytime you create an article, always use basic terms.
Insert Internal Links: It’s a good idea to interlink all of your website’s content. Posts that have not yet been indexed in Google search are readily indexed as a result of this.

Write Unique Content (it’s very important):

The better and more valuable content you write, the faster it will be indexed in Google. For this, you have to make changes in your written articles [e.g. add new paragraphs, check grammar, etc.]. And always choose simple words whenever you write any kind of article.

Insert Internal Links:

Interlinking all of your website posts is a great strategy. By doing this the posts which are not yet indexed in Google search are easily indexed.

Insert Code in Custom Robots.txt:

By doing this we are telling our custom robot which things should you index and which should you not. For this, this code is provided to you which you have to paste into your Blogger or WordPress website settings.

Custom Robots.txt for Blogger

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Disallow: /category/

Disallow: /tag/

Allow: /


Ping your website: 

You must create ping in order to boost the performance of your website. These are several places where you may create pings and lengthen the time it takes for your content to be indexed. On all websites, the operating mechanism (process) is nearly identical.

List of Free Ping Submission Sites:


Always use a good web hosting company for fast indexing of articles. While writing articles, choose simple words and pay attention to grammar. Don’t write long paragraphs. Always write short sentences

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