How to Remove Emojis from Selfies: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you trying to find the best technique to get stickers and emojis off of people’s faces or any other area of photos? I’ll show you how to get rid of emojis from web photos on your Android phone in this blog.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for a trustworthy way to remove emojis from images, whether they were taken with Snapchat or another app. In this thorough tutorial, we’ll explore a number of useful strategies and offer insightful information.

Numerous users frequently share images adorned with emojis and stickers to convey their special moments on platforms like Snapchat Instagram Facebook and other applications. If your goal is to remove emojis from pictures perhaps those shared by your friends or others you are in for a treat. Here we present a couple of methods on how to effectively erase emojis from pictures on both your Android and iPhone devices.

Method 1: How to Remove Emojis from Pictures Online:

Here is how to remove emojis from pictures online without any app or software.

1. Navigate to the Aiseesoft free watermark remover online website. Then, click the ‘Upload Image’ option and select a photo from your device.

2. Highlight emoji that you want to remove from the picture. You can use a brush to highlight the emoji part.

3. Now, you need to click the Remove button. After click on the remove button, wait for the process to complete. Then click on the Download button to save the picture on your device

Method 2: Remove Emojis from Pictures using Snapseed:

o remove emojis from a picture on your mobile phone, you can use photo editing apps. Snapseed is a powerful and effective tool for achieving this task.

1. Open Google Play or iPhone App Store on your smartphone.

2. Search for the Snapseed app and Install it.

3. After installing the Snapseed app, open it.

4. Once the app is opened, tap the ‘+ icon’ and choose an image from the gallery.

5. After that, click on the ‘Tools’ option at the bottom of the screen.

6.  You will see various options in a menu, find and select the ‘Healing’ option.

7. Now, highlight the emoji on the picture that you want to remove.

8. You can see the emoji has been removed successfully. Then, you can click on the ‘✓ icon’ to download the photo on your phone.


I hope that this guide has offered valuable insights on successfully eliminating emojis from pictures on your smartphone. If your friends are also seeking ways to remove emojis and stickers from their photos please share this post with them so they can also reap the benefits. Should you have any questions or concerns about this tutorial feel free to ask in the comments and I wll address your queries promptly.

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