How To Remove Footer Credit Link From Blogger Template

 This article will be crucial if you have installed a new design on your blog or website and want to get rid of the footer credit for your theme because I’ll show you how to do it quickly. In this article, I’ll show you how to add your own content by eliminating the default footer credits that come before the blog template if you’re concerned that your blogger-free template won’t have them removed.

Steps to Remove the Footer Credit Link

1. Log in to Your Blogger Account
Start by logging into your Blogger account and going to the blog you wish to delete the footer credit link from.

2. Go to the Theme Section

In The Blogger Dashboard CLICK On Theme Option which is usually located in the left-hand menu

3. Edit HTML

in the theme section locate and click on edit html button And now Html Editor is opened where you can edit your blog template

4.Find Footer Credit Code
use the search function Key (CTRL+F) To find Footer Credit Code Now Press ctrl+F key And find Powered By or Designed By or any mention of the template source.

5. Remove or Modify the Code

Now copy the code below the footer credit remove code blogger.Be sure to include a link to your
 URL in the code before copying.
<p style=’text-align:left;’>Copyright (c) 2023 <a href=’’>TECH EXPERT 4U</a> All Right
<div class=’ty-copy-container row’ style=’font-size:1px; opacity:0;’>                                        

 6.Remove the footer credit blogger template

 Copy the code above and paste it in the space shown in the picture below and save the setting. After doing all this you will be able to remove the default footer credit from your blogger template.

The whole process is explained step by step in the video below for your further guidance. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments box.


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